'Some Things Last Longer than You'
available now on LP/CD/CS

New T-Shirts

Posted 2nd December 2016

New shirt designs are now available online fresh from our UK & European album tours.

We’ve also got some random colours/sizes of the previous TV shirts designed by Akbar Ali up for sale, head over to the buy stuff section to deck yourself out in the coolest threads in town.



European Tour 2016

Posted 23rd October 2016

We’re teaming up with our pals Happy Accidents and Personal Best for a European tour next month! We haven’t been over to the mainland for 3 years so are excited to finally be coming back.

Here’s a poster courtesy of El Personal Best/Southsea Sound! ?

Doe, Happy Accidents, Personal Best - European Tour 2016

Some Things Last Longer than You

Posted 9th September 2016

Our debut album is out today!!! We’re so so proud of it and hope you love it as much as we do. You can stream it in full over at DIY now ?


Thanks MJ for doing such a great job with the record, Joe C @ Subsequent Mastering and our pal Kathleen for letting us sleep over/cuddle her pets while we were recording.

Thanks massively to Andrew & Kay at Specialist Subject Records and Rob at Old Flame Records for putting their time and money into our songs. Also a general thank you to everyone who’s supported us over the years and made the album possible.

We’ll see you at the release party tonight, advance tickets are sold out but there will be a handful on the door ???

‘Last Ditch’ video premiere

Posted 28th July 2016

There’s another new song from our album premiering on DIY right now! It’s called ‘Last Ditch’ and is about feeling really shite and out of control, which is apt cos the world’s a bit shite and out of control at the moment.

We also went out and made a music video in the sun so we could remember fondly that short period of time when summer happened ?☀️

‘Sincere’ video

Posted 14th July 2016

Hi, we made a video for Sincere. Watch us and our mates eat food and pretend not to have a lovely time.

Thanks to Andrew Northrop for making it and the aforementioned mates for being in it. Tinned spaghetti and emojis 4lyf ?

Some Things Last Longer than You

Posted 29th June 2016

We’re really really excited to finally announce our first album! It’s called Some Things Last Longer than You and will be out September 9th via total babes Specialist Subject Records (UK/EU) and Old Flame Records (USA).

The first single, Sincere, is streaming below. Have a listen and tell all yr friends.

love Doe xoxo