Goodbye Alex

Posted 17th February 2014

Whilst we’d rather not bring you sad news on a Monday (statistically the shittiest day of the week), alas we must inform you that Alex, our very own tall, bendy, penguin-esque Italian Stallion, is leaving Doe. He quickly became one of our best friends and has been the instigator of a plethora of in-jokes that will continue to keep us laughing for years to come (two, maybe three). Needless to say he’ll be greatly missed. He’ll play his last show with us on Thursday at Urban Bar in Whitechapel, so if you’re in London come down and say your goodbyes.

Despite this, Doe is business as usual. More words soon…

Sorry we’re shit…

Posted 4th February 2014

…at updating this thing, but here’s some stuff:

There’s a bunch of exciting things happening over the next few months… We’re putting out a new tape and a lyric/photo zine, we have a split 7” coming out with Taxa (from Canada, eh) and we’re going on TOUR! More deets on all that soon. We promise.

Space Junkie Press and Reeks of Effort were kind enough to let us be a part of this super cool mixtape to go with The Gutter II DIY comix release. All the bands/songs are ace so have a listen.

We have a show on Thursday and it’ll be awesome, so get down:


Home again

Posted 18th November 2013

Tour is over and real life is bollocks. Thank you The Exhausts for being awesome, thank you to Sean from Bonehouse who drove us around for 9 days, put up with our crap and made us laugh no end, thank you to everyone who put us on, put us up, fed us, ploughed us with beer, clapped at us, nodded your heads at us and bought our stuff. We had the best time ever.

We’ve got some Late Bloomer CD-R’s and a few Large + XL shirts left, head over to the shop to grab some:

We’re going to have a sleep now. Here’s a video from the Southampton show.


Posted 7th November 2013

Join us:

Friday 8th – The Black Heart – Camden, London
Saturday 9th – Goblets – Southampton
Sunday 10th – The Loch – Enschede, Netherlands
Monday 11th – Fährstraße 115 – Hamburg, Germany
Tuesday 12th – JUZ – Mannheim, Germany
Wednesday 13th – Neustadt 52 – Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Thursday 14th – Soundbonico – Piacenza, Italy
Friday 15th – KTS – Freiburg, Germany
Saturday 16th – Le CCL – Lille, France


Posted 9th October 2013

Hello yous. We’re excited to confirm that this time next month the three of us will be cramming into a van with our pals The Exhausts and heading out on the road for a little European vacation! See below for dates (venues will be posted later this week).

We’ll also be self-releasing a single/b-side at the beginning of November to coincide with the tour. It’ll be up online for free download and we’ll be doing a small run of CD-R copies too… they’ll be available from us at these Euro shows and online if there are any left when we get home. More info soon!

November Tour Dates

Friday 8th – Camden, London
Saturday 9th – Southampton
Sunday 10th – Enschede, Netherlands
Monday 11th – Hamburg, Germany
Tuesday 12th – Mannheim, Germany
Wednesday 13th – Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Thursday 14th – Milan, Italy
Friday 15th – Freiburg, Germany
Saturday 16th – Lille, France 

Our split 7" with Taxa on Clue #2 Records will now be out early next year.