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Specialist Subject Mega Tour, Day 1: London – Manchester – Bristol

Posted 7th May 2016

Woke up to dead nice weather and a trip to the doctors due to an all over body rash, possibly caused by the dead nice weather. Spent the rest of the morning speed-rolling our new shirts into handy size labeled bundles whilst watching Frasier (all the punx are doing it, maybe not the Frasier part). Dean came over to help but just ended up dropping Nicola’s sandwich on the floor. Nicola still ate it… most of it. Personal Best came to pick us up in their tour mobile which is named ‘Eugene’. Everyone used the loo, I forgot to take the bin out, you only YOLO once.

In the PB van there is a ‘one veto’ rule: everyone is allowed to veto just one song from the radio a day and Huss or Kate PB will change the station. Dean vetoed ‘500 miles’ by the Proclaimers within the first 5 seconds because he thought it was something else. It stayed on though, complete with Nicola singing along in an exaggerated accent of her people (the Scots, FYI). We giggled at a guy out the window that looked a bit like Harrison Ford, El and Jay PB painted their nails, then the heat naps washed across the middle row thick and fast.

First pee stop: Nicola and Kate got Callypos, Huss and Jay got frothy soy iced coffee things, and Dean got freaked out by a guy in a Merc who tried to flog him some stuff from the boot (he also asked if Dean’s nail varnish was ‘gothic’). Second pee stop: we ran into Caves and Shit Present at the petrol station, lots of hugs and a couple of introductions. The toilet is pube city, one of those ones where you can’t lift the lid without shaking hands with someone else’s piss.

We get to Retro Bar and there’s an Ecuadorian cultural night going on upstairs with food that smells great and cover bands who I’m sure also smell great but I daren’t ask. Speedy load in just in time to watch Crumbs play (v good). PB next and then us, we were rusty as fuck but the set was fun, I think? Nicola had some stage bants about bloke-heavy bills and her period which had decided to arrive the day before. First time seeing Shit Present and they were wonderful. Thom SP mentioned that during our set everyone upstairs was going nuts for a guy playing recorder… I mean who wouldn’t? Caves = blinding, I wish I had Lou’s guns, Minty’s hair and Hamish’s Hamish.

Load out, Ecuadorians still partying hard. We get late night mexican food and Huss powers on through to Bristol. We are greeted by a jetlagged but lovely Warren from Grand-Pop. He shows us to our respective sleeping places and tells us there’s a cat that might pop it’s head in and tap us on the face. That’s just fine.

It’s 9.44am and there’s no sign of this cat (EDIT 9.49am just seen it, it’s called Little Man and it’s really fluffy.) DeadPunk today and so many good bands OMG etc etc.

Jake x

2015: A Year’s Worth of Memories (Nicola Leel)

Posted 3rd February 2016

2015: A Year’s Worth of Memories (Nicola Leel)

Deadpunk 2016

Posted 15th January 2016

We’re headed back to Bristol in May to play Deadpunk alongside a ton of excellent bands!

Advanced tickets are now on sale so get them while they’re cheap. http://www.exchangebristol.com/…/7-may-16-deadpunk-special…/

‘This Isn’t Home’ video

Posted 28th September 2015

Hey look we made a video! ‘This isn’t Home’ is taken from the Dog Knights/Alcopop split which as it happens is out today so go buy one (here). This was filmed in our living room and at a dogging site in Finsbury Park (it was an accident), with cameo appearances from our work friend’s cats.

Oh and that guy in the video is Dean, he’s gonna be playing guitar with us now 🙂

Oh part 2: Cheers Noisey for saying nice things

Dogs on Acid tour

Posted 21st August 2015

In a move people might call ‘Doe on Acid’ (but probably won’t) we will be joining Dogs on Acid for their UK tour in October. They’re really great and are coming from the States, so come along to support them and maybe also to see us.

In lieu of a tour poster we designed one ourselves.